On 6th April 2015, the new Construction (Design & Management) Regulations came into force. The changes have been significant and will change the way construction projects are managed.

New 'Principal Designer' Role

Clients are required to appoint a 'Principal Designer' on every project with one of more contractors.

Approved Code of Practice (ACOP)

The code of practice under CDM 2007 has been stripped away with new industry guidance taking its place.

Domestic Projects

CDM 2015 now includes domestic projects where one or more contractors are employed.  

Construction Phase Plan

Construction Phase Plans are required for every project and must be in place prior to works commencing.

Threshold for Notification

Notification to the HSE is required for any project exceeding 30 construction days with 20 or more workers, or if the project exceeds 500 person days.

Notification is still submitted to the Health & Safety Executive 

Health & Safety File

Collect the information and prepare the Health and Safety File for handover at completion of the construction work.

HPC will provide straightforward advice to allow compliance with the new Regulations.

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